Wide Opportunities for the Smart Poker Players: What They Can Do

Making the right decision can lead to losing money in a single shot, but learning to make the right move consistently over time is the only sure way to win money in the long run.

Paradoxically we can say that, if you make the right move, the outcome of the single hand is totally irrelevant, you can very well lose it, it doesn’t matter! In the long run you will win money, and those who won despite the wrong decision will lose money in the long run! If you manage not to be dominated by emotions, in this case anger, you are already at a good point, otherwise you will enter TILT, losing your clarity in making decisions and starting to play badly. 

A mistake to avoid immediately

A common beginner’s mistake is to think that any combination of the 52 cards that is dealt can win poker online, in practice this statement is true, if you hold 8 – 3 and the flop is 8 – 3 – 3 you will almost always win the hand. But from a deeper analysis we can say that while any 2 cards can win, many combinations, such as AA, win much more often than others.


Poker is a game where the expected value is of particular importance, you will win money by betting in situations where you have a positive expectation, instead you will have to leave the hand without regret when this it will be negative. It sounds like a complicated mathematical concept, but it is very simple to understand.

Let’s say you are playing a game in which both you and your opponent have 100 euros in front of you. You have AA and he has 8 – 3. You will be happy to go “all in” all the time, as almost 9 times out of 10 you will win the pot, 200 euros. Let’s say you play this hand 50 times: 88 times you will win it, taking home 8800 euros, 12 times you will lose it, making your opponent gain 1200 euros for idn poker.

The Right Choices

In the end you will have put on the pot a total of 5000 euros each (50 times 100 euros), your net gain will be 3800 euros (8800-5000), the loss of the madman who always went all in with 8 – 3 will be 3800 euro (1200-5000). 

The Options Open

We can say that, on a single hit, “all in” of 100 euros with AA against 8 – 3, will make you win an average of 88 euros, so in this case AA has a positive expected value of 88 euros. In practice, in the long run, every time you call you win 88 euros. 


One of the keys to winning, and therefore to making money, is learning how to select hands , playing only those that have a positive expected value. From in-depth studies by mathematicians and poker professionals, a table has been drawn up containing these hands (defined starting hands), divided into 8 separate groups, it is not necessary to learn them immediately by heart, just make a piece of paper at the beginning and attach it to the monitor. When you have become familiar with these, it will be time to start thinking for yourself.


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