What are Megaway slots, and how they evolve in the market?

What are Megaway slots, and how they evolve in the market?

In this article, we will discuss what are Megaway slots and how did they evolve in the market. Also, we will discuss the mechanics that are used by Megaway in their games are.

What are Megaway slots?

Megaway is a company that is known all over the world to have created several games online or video format for people to play. The games created by Megaway have something unique in them. That is, they have a good rewarding system for all of its players.

They have created online video slots in the format of a 3- and 5-reels system along with 1 – 40 pay lines to be given to all the players. Earlier, there were only 1024 ways of winning in these games, but nowadays, there are 117,649 different and unique ways of winning a game.

Megaway engine or the Megaway slot engine is the trademark that has been created by Big Time Gaming (BTG) and has designed new slot models. Big Time Gaming was the first company to license the issue of the Megaway slot feature in their first release called Megaway slots in the market. There is no guarantee that you have unlocked a pay line as it will all depend on your skills, luck, and also your knowledge of different things.

What is the evolution of Megaway slots?

First, Microgaming was the only company that made and released the game in the market for people to play and enjoy. They made games that needed you to bring a certain line of symbols in the correct order to win the game or score the bonus round. In the earlier days, there were only 243 ways of winning, which were made by Microgaming and released in the market.

Then there was the evolution of technology in the year 2016, and the gaming company and the industry boomed a lot. They made new gambling games with different kinds of special things for the people to enjoy, and then came the 720 ways of winning games. Slowly from 720 ways, it started rising to 1024 ways of winning, and in the end, came the Megaway slot, which had 117,649 ways of winning a game. This marked the peak of the gambling community, and many people joined them. You can also find them on slot online Menang Judi for players in Asia.

What are the mechanics used by Megaway?

Megaway has its slots which have reels that can shift, and they can also change their shape and size according to the machine. This is the system that is used to change the number and the symbols in the reels of the machine, either offline or online. First, there was only a 3-reel slot system made in the world, but as soon as they progressed, they even made a 5-reel system. There were also different ways of winning. First, there were only 243 ways of winning it increased to 720 then to 1024 then the latest is 117,649.