Useful Information around Major Lottery Games from South Africa

Useful Information around Major Lottery Games from South Africa

In the past few years, the lottery business has started picking up the pace in South Africa. The country has now started expanding its lottery business and user following for the game has been increasing as well. Over the course of time, the lottery players in South Africa have become very demanding in terms lottery games. This is the reason why even the online lottery industry has earned a lot of success in South Africa. At present, people are benefiting from the online lottery agents as they are able to play US Powerball online in South Africa. They are even able to play games based in different countries including the UK, Australia, Canada, and many more. Some of the major games they are able to play include EuroMillions, Lotto Max, UK 49, and many more. 

However, today I am going to discuss some of the major lottery games being played in South Africa. So you know that if you ever wish to play games in the country, which games you need to look for.

South Africa Powerball 

South Africa Powerball lottery is almost as same as the US Powerball Lottery. You can play the South Africa Powerball Lottery game either online or offline. The term offline means that you can visit a lottery retailer that sells South Africa Powerball and purchase a ticket. When playing the South Africa Powerball Lottery, you have access to a range of numbers from 1 to 50. From this range, you can choose 5 numbers. 

Furthermore, you need to choose a Powerball number from a range starting from 1 and going all the way up to 20. You can either choose the numbers manually or opt. for Quick Pick option, letting the computer choose random numbers for you. The minimum jackpot prize you can win playing the South Africa Powerball is R5 Million. If the prize is not claimed in a draw, then the amount rolls over going all the way up to R232 million. 

South Africa Lotto

Then there is the South Africa Lotto game that has gained tremendous amount of growth in the entire country. It is one of the highest participated games in South Africa, and every year, its sales figures have been experiencing a significant rise. You can also play the lottery game through major lottery agents such as “theLotter”. The draw for the South Africa Lotto takes place twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday). 

As compared to the SA Powerball, you are required to choose 6 primary numbers instead of 5 primary numbers. The range of numbers that you are given for choosing the primary numbers is from 1 to 52. In order to win a secondary prize money, you can also get a bonus ball added to your ticket while purchasing it. Similar to majority of the lottery draw games, you can choose the Quick Pick option in order to let the computer choose numbers on your behalf. 

The minimum jackpot prize at South Africa Lotto is R3 million and the jackpot prize money for the game continues rolling over if not claimed. The highest jackpot prize ever won from the South Africa Lotto is R110 million. The player had reportedly won the prize money back in 2018, in the month of January. 

South Africa Daily Lotto

The South Africa Daily Lotto game is offered offline and online both. This is one of the most demanded lottery games in South Africa as it gives you the opportunity to participate in the game on a daily basis. The draw for the South Africa Daily Lotto game takes place every day. The only day the draw for the game does not take place is on Christmas Day. When playing the Daily Lotto, you are required to choose 5 numbers from the range of numbers starting from 1 to 36. The highest jackpot prize you get to win from the game is R100,000, which translates to around $7,000.