The guide to playing from the dealer in Texas Holdem poker

The Texas Holdem 99 online poker dealer is probably one of the most iconic poker table positions. Knowing how to play from the dealer in poker is important, because as we will see in the following paragraphs, it is probably the positions where you will play the most hands and with a worse range. The reading hands in poker are a basic and necessary skill to good results. We can expect a premium hand, be it a clean hand, with a previous call, or rise.

Previous considerations for the poker dealer

From the outset, in dealer or cutoff in poker you will only have three or four rivals respectively. If in first and even intermediate positions, one of the main limitations was the presence of 6.7 or 10 rivals, now we no longer have it. If in UTG we will only play 5% or 10% better, being able to extend to 15% in certain contexts, now it is worth up to approximately 30%. Always with the caution that the blind can re-raise us, or that the hand does not reach us clean.

The risks of the cutoff or dealer

One of the main problems when dealing with the dealer or the cutoff in poker   is the lack of predictability. While we all know what a UTG raise means, a dealer raise can mean many things. From an AK to a T9 suited or A5. In addition, if we have ‘AT’, the situation is very different. If the big blind raises us, it may be that we are simply defended by the blind. Alternatively, it could also be that he had AK, and that we have a hand in the lower range of the dealer or cutoff. In these cases, we will choose not to call if it is an ‘all-in’ or to call and see the flop if the raise is not very big.

Poker Dealer: What if the hand is not clean

In the event that the hand comes clean, the general indication is to raise 2 to 3 times the big blind. However, if someone presses before, we will double or triple his or her bet, but only if we have a premium hand: AK, QQ, JJ, AA or KK. If there has been a raise or re-raise, only AA or KK will be worth us. Now, we will go all-in to try to keep only one of the two.

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Dealer: the most difficult position

Playing from the dealer in Texas Holdem idnpoker is probably playing the most difficult position. Well, to optimize and take advantage of this position, we will have to play not so good hands, but with the same conviction as if, they were. Therefore, we will need a bonus of courage and hand reading, and try to win pots with nothing. It is very easy to wait for an AK in UTG, but it is easier to make a continuation bet with T9. Playing the dealer will require experience. To do this, it may be a good idea to use the different welcome bonuses that some bookmakers use. In this way, the first steps will not affect your budget so directly.

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