Myths about Online Poker: Surely Be Busted Today!

There are several misconceptions about online poker, all of which have been replicated so many times that they are commonly believed to be real. Unfortunately, some of these theories provide an entirely misleading idea of what it’s like to play poker online. They can stop people from playing, and some of them are just players searching for excuses to justify why they are losing money. Let’s debunk some popular misconceptions about online poker.

Myth: Once you go online, you’ll find more bad beats.

If you play online poker for some amount of time, or even if you only talk to a few online players, you’ll almost definitely hear this myth. It’s a bit ridiculous how many people seem to believe this about the fact that there’s no proof to back that up. It’s also a dangerous misconception, so players who think they’ll fail are more likely to get emotional and make rash decisions throughout the game.

To be honest, players are likely to face more bad beats online in terms of percentages. The only explanation for this is that they play a slightly greater number of hands every hour. When players play at a quicker pace, it’s only natural that poor beats come more often, and there will be moments when it feels like they happen all the time. However, in fact, they occur in approximately the same proportion as playing live or at a judi online terpercaya & terbaik.

Myth: At Low Limits, You Can’t Beat the Rake

This fallacy isn’t as prevalent as some of the ones on this list, but it’s still one that’s repeated way more often than it should be. While it is possible that at the lowest limits, the rake will account for a higher percentage of each pot, it is not as bad an issue as many people think. The overall rake paid by most places is limited depending on the stakes being played, and the rake is rarely unreasonable. It sure doesn’t mean it’s hard to succeed at smaller stakes; plenty of players make a living doing exactly that. The most damaging part of this myth is that it will motivate people to play at higher stakes than they can, bringing much more harm to a bankroll than the lowstakes rake.

Myth: Poker sites are responsible for action flops

Because of the quicker speed of online gaming, players can see more action flops and larger bowls. This isn’t to say that there’s nothing wrong going on, and there’s definitely no hard evidence to back up the argument. Check out bandarqq online.

Myth: Poker sites ensure that bad players have a good time

The hypothesis is most likely based on the fact that, as previously said, the online game is played at a quicker tempo. When you have more hands in general, it stands to reason the players can “suck out” and get lucky more often. This does not, however, imply that it is occurring at a proportionately higher scale.

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