How to Play 21: 7 Tips to Win at BlackJack

7 Tips to Win at 21 – From Beginner to Advanced

If you are going to choose to play BlackJack on online casino sites it is important to have a good command of the game and a plan to reduce the house odds, which can be set up through ready-made tables and strategies on how to play 21. To gain more, click here:

1- Train your moves

Training the plays through free blackjack games can be a great strategy for gambling games that are worth money.

There are sites that offer trial games or fun mode for players, using play money that are worth checking out.

2- Card counting

This is more of a warning than a tip. Card count may be recognized by some gaming houses as cheating.

Furthermore, in online BlackJack games this technique does not work, as the technology that deals the cards has the function of using algorithms to shuffle, which can change the order of distribution.

For this reason, this technique is not worth trying.

3- Split the Aces

If it is possible to split the aces, seize the moment and form two hands to increase your chances of winning the game, after all, aces can be worth one or eleven, which guarantees a chance to win in one of the options.

4- Double the bet

This technique of how to play BlackJack presents the possibility of drawing more than one card, and consequently doubling the bet amount.

However, it is recommended that you use these strategies only if you are holding cards with high values, such as 9, 10 and 11. Thus forming the double equivalent of 21 or as close as possible.

5- Know when to ask the Dealer for a letter

To help increase your winnings, only hit a card when you have a 4 to 8 hand (which doesn’t have an Ace). In the case of a hard card of 9, double the bet if the dealer has scores from 2 to 6 on cards.

In situations where the dealer has cards scoring 7 to 10, ask for a new card if your hard hand has 12 to 16 points.

In the case of soft hands 13-15 it is also a good strategy to draw a card, as well as in the soft hand 16-18, doubling the bet when the dealer has a card 2-6.

6- Do not take out insurance

Insurance in the game of BlackJack can be claimed in cases where the Dealer shows an ace. He causes your bet to be split by placing it on a side bet.

That is, the house has its odds increased if it has 21, and you call the side bet with 2:1, losing money accordingly.

7- Invest in bonuses


Bonuses are an excellent advantage for the Blackjack player, requiring you to wager a certain amount before it is cleared in your account.

So, depending on the type of bonus you receive, with an extra amount you can turn the house edge.

So keep your bonus alert on the online casino site and take advantage of the opportunities that this feature can offer.


As BlackJack is also a game of luck and mathematical probabilities, it is important to always check the current situation of your game, taking into account the possibilities of winnings and losses.

Therefore, all the strategies on how to play 21 taught here in this article can be used on certain occasions, and you should never compromise your budget for the game.

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