Common varieties of slots you can try out


Slots are very common in casino siteleri and it is almost certain that you will find some form of slots in every casino. Slots is a luck-based game and people of every age can try their luck out in this game. But before that, they should know about the common varieties of slots. Depending upon their personal choice, they can choose their type of slots which they would like to play.

Classic Slots

The slots which were played in the casinos in the early time were known as the classic slots. It is was the main form of slots and every different type of slot since then has been a variation of the classic slot. Classic slots have witnessed a lot of players and have been one of the most popular games of casinos. Classic slot machines have sounds and music which keeps the players interested throughout. They have symbols on their reels that showcase the outcome. The reels are spun and if the symbols make a certain combination, you will win some rewards. The classic slots were played on metal frames having rows of one, three, or five.

Video Slots

The introduction of video slots took the popularity of slots to another level. The video slots were colorful and attracted more players to them. It has better graphics which replace the physical reels with graphical reels. They also reduced the cost of the casinos. The casinos had to install the software of video slots and they also had three or five reels. The latest forms of video slots have more reels and are known as multi-line slots.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots were the latest addition to the slots family. In progressive slots, several slot machines are connected from different places and players from different parts participate in this. The rewards in such slots are a huge jackpot which comprises of all the bets made by the players. The casinos keep a small share of the bets and the rest is available for the winner of the jackpot. This type of slot does not happen very commonly and is played over a month or so. The bets are collected and then all the players try their luck out in the game. Such slots are fairly new and more slots are going to be played in the future.


There are many other variations of slots that you can find in casino siteleri.


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