The Nets have traded a third player, and it is good

The Nets have traded a third player, and it is good

In this article, we are going to talk about the nets trading a third player, and it turns out good for them. Also, we are going to discuss the surging popularity of basketball in the mid and late 90s.

What caused a surge in basketball in the late 90s?

The league had decided to bring in new players and also made a new rule about the three pint shot in 1979. The same year many rookies like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson joined the Boston Celtics and the Lakers. Due to this, there was a growth in the number of current fan base and watching of the NBA.

The two players had faced each other in the 1979 NCAA division Basketball Championship game. Later they both had also played the National Basketball League championship games against each other. In the ten seasons of the 80s, Johnson led the Lakers to five titles back to back. While Bird led the Boston Celtics to win three titles back to back in 10 seasons.

Then there was the addition of a new franchise in the NBA called the Dallas Mavericks in the early 80s. This new inclusion had brought in a total of 23 teams already in the game. Then there used to be the three-point shooting contest, and Larry Bird won three back to back.

On February 1, 1984, David Stern became the official commissioner of the NBA. Then there was a new player in the NBA called Michael Jordan, who joined Chicago Bulls in 1984. Since then, the Chicago bulls have won many titles, and their star player is Michael Jordan.

Then there was the inclusion of new teams in the late 80s, which made a total of 27 teams in the NBA. Then in the year 1995, there was the inclusion of more than three teams which made a total of 30 teams in the NBA.

How did the Nets trade of player go?

The Nets had to forcefully include more new players in their team due to a reason also NBA predictions. Kevin Durant, who was the main player in the Nets, got injured and had to be replaced. So they took Kyrie Irving as his replacement and tried him out in the first game, which they took him.

He came out as a package and had led the team to a great victory when the first launched him. Then the Brooklyn decided to use him in more matches until their main player returns. It was now obvious at this point that they did not want their third-star player to go, so they kept him.

Many players had to go out of a game due to an injury, and many replacements were there. There were only new faces which you could see `in the academy. The Nets thought of not taking anyone, but they wanted to give him a chance, and that came out good for them. This was like a Chemistry experiment which they tried, and the results came back positive. This meant a piece of great news for them as they had discovered something new and unique.